Technology Guide / Deep groove ball bearing installation

First is to make the bearing inner ring work closely with the shaft, the outer ring and bearing hole is relatively loose fit, and then press the bearing to be pressed on the shaft, then put the shaft and bearing pack together. First mat when pressed a soft metal (copper or mild steel) materials for the casing assembly, when the bearing outer ring and bearing hole close coordination, inner ring and the shaft is loose fit, the bearing pressure into the bearing hole when assembling casing diameter should be slightly less than the diameter of a hole. If the bearing ring and shaft and hole is a tight fit, install indoor ring and outer ring to pressure into the shaft and hole, at the same time assembling casing structure should be able to at the same time, so the bearing inner ring and outer ring end face. This is deep groove ball bearing installed correctly. For deep groove ball the most commonly used rolling bearing, simple structure, convenient use, bearing small friction coefficient, high limit speed. But don't impact resistance, bear too much of a load. Whether to use what kind of bearing, must be in accordance with the right steps to install, to guarantee the normal use of the bearing. Otherwise it may cause irreversible damage to the bearings, that is really a teacher not jie body die first, not only waste the time, also increased the cost, believe that this is not what you want to see.